A waterproof seat cover protects car seats and upholstery against spills, dust, dirt and debris. When you’re on the job, oil, diesel, grease and general grime can easily get transferred to your seats.

Keeping your seats in premium condition gives your vehicle a higher resale value that far outweighs the small initial investment. Plus, Black Duck seat covers are comfortable and breathe well, meaning you can say goodbye to hot, sweaty seat covers.

There’s a custom seat cover for almost any seat in any vehicle​

They also give your vehicles slower depreciation of resale value and they look great and enhance the style of your vehicle too.

Black Duck seat covers provides protection from dirt, stains and general wear.

They’re easy to fit, remain snug and they’re easy to clean.

Why canvas?

Canvas is a fabric traditionally used for large tarpaulins and similar covers. Originally, they were made from cotton, but now we have better quality canvas made from a polyester and cotton blend. Polyester gives extra strength and makes seat covers last longer, giving you better value for money.

Canvas resists wear and tear, and because we add a rot and waterproofing treatment, you get the best protection for your car seats that money can buy. The canvas in our seat covers is a unique blend designed exclusively for toughness, durability and comfort.

Proven by time and reputation

Black Duck originated in Australia as a family owned and operated business. That tradition carried over to New Zealand too, with Black Duck NZ operating as a father and son business out of Pahiatua in the lower North Island.

Black Duck NZ started as a side business, selling a few seat covers each week to help pay the bills. But the Black Duck brand has a will of its own and a reputation for quality that won’t be beaten. The demand grew and so did the business.

An exact fit for any seat

Each piece is meticulously designed and shaped to be an exact fit for your vehicle seats. Black Duck has over 30 years experience in this specialist field, giving you a quality product proven by time.

Quality guarantee

We back the quality of our seat covers with a full ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with your Black Duck seat cover purchase.

Not sure what automotive seat cover you need?

We’ll find the right fit for you. Simply use the form and give us as much information as you can. We also welcome any questions or general enquiries.

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Bred for strength

Our tried and tested ultra heavy-duty seat cover! Heavy-duty Canvas by Black Duck® SeatCovers has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets stringent Australian Standards for strength and endurance.

Our Canvas is treated using advanced technologies to ensure resistance to water, rot and mildew – for vehicles that work and play hard!


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Bred for performance

4Elements by Black Duck® SeatCovers is tested to withstand tough conditions without compromising on comfort. Featuring a 19.2oz Cotton Twill Composite, this is a heavyweight product with a soft and flexible feel for the ultimate in seat protection.

Made from a 100% waterproof material that is also machine washable to keep your vehicle seats in pristine condition – you won’t be disappointed!

Our most advanced seat cover yet!

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