Here's Why you need "Black Duck" Canvas Seat Covers

Why Black Duck Seat Covers

Black DuckTM seat covers add dollars to the value of you new 4WD. For years, Mining Companies and Farmers have used canvas seat covers to protect and preserve the seats on their vehicles not only from the infamous red dust, but also from grease and grime and general wear damage. They know that it gives their vehicles higher resale value and realise that the advantages far outweigh the small initial investment.

Add Value to Your Vehicle

Black DuckTM seat covers can put money in your pocket when trade in time comes around again.

Tough & Practical

You may well ask – Why Canvas?

Canvas is traditionally used for large tarpaulins etc, and in earlier days it was made of Cotton, but now better quality canvas is made with a Polyester/Cotton blend. The Polyester gives extra strength and makes the seat covers last longer, giving you better value for money.

Canvas is very hard wearing as it is wear resistant, and because it is water and rot proofed it is ideal for protecting your seats against the oil, diesel, grease and general grime which easily transfers to your seats. We also use a unique blend of Canvas designed exclusively for Black DuckTM and is the best Australian made Canvas which is renowned for it’s toughness.


You may think these are a good idea – we do - and because we have complete confidence in our product, you will get a full ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your Black DuckTM seat cover purchase.

Exact Fit

Each piece is meticulously shaped and made to be an exact fit for your vehicle seats by Qualtarp who have over 15 years experience in the field, giving you a quality, time proven product.


Twelve years ago when we purchased a new Hilux Xtra cab we were advised to buy Black Duck seat covers, now twelve years and three more Hilux Xtra cabs later, they are still useable.

We've received our order of ute seat covers, we love them. Love your products, we had another ute with your covers in and have recently sold, those covers lasted for 11 years and still no sign of wearing out!! When we got our new ute a couple of weeks ago, my husband said right at the beginning 'we've got to get some Black Duck seat covers', so thanks for another great product and I'm sure we'll get many years out of these ones too!
Kerry and Rose